Saturday, January 8, 2011

Save the Ring! Here's how

We all know about the Nurburgring; after all it's only one of the greatest race-circuits ever conceived by man.

What you may not know is that it is in significant danger of being lost.

What's happened is the German government as well as a group of private investors has been attempting to turn the 'Ring into a Huge theme park. This was done based on false visitor statistics claiming millions of visitors a year when the truth is that Nurburgring is a ghost town most of the time. Once promised as private investment, it is now based on a debt of 350+ million EUR public money. With all that debt, it's in major danger of caving in on itself.

On top of that dozens of events are planned every year at Nurburgring, none of them having to do with Motorsports

As the official Save The Ring page says, what needs to be done is:

What needs to be done?
  • Seperate Nordschleife from ring park.
  • Let  the Nürburgring be used for motorsport.
  • Value the great heritage and tradition, rather than roller coasters.
How can you help to Save The Ring?
  • Tell your friends and spread the word, join us on Facebook (30.000 supporters in 3 weeks!)
  • Keep yourself informed and question the official Nürburgring (= Lindner/Richter) communication.
  • NEW: Sign the Online Petition drected to the European Commission (2.000 signatures in 2 days!)
  • Write to European Commissioner Joaquín Almunia (joaquin.almunia [at]
  • When visiting the Ring, support local family businesses.
  • Help to raise our voice, contribute ideas and actions, let's save the 'Ring!

This is a cause worth fighting for if you ask me.

Sources: Save The Ring & Save The Ring Facebook

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