Monday, March 21, 2011

Mobil One presents the 12 hours of 'I effing hate the French'.

If you missed it then your stupid. It's that easy. How could you miss it. I mean, granted I didn't watch all 12 Hours but everyone can at least watch a few clips. If you didn't even know it happened then get the f*** off my page.

Just kidding. The truth is though. That I am really too lazy to write up an entire recap of the 12 hour, 300+ lap race. So if you want a recap, go to AutoBlog. If  you want to hear me rant, then stay here.

I'll start it off with the ending results:

Sebastian Vettel explains KERS and the adjustable rear wing

In a new video from Red Bull Racing, F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel is here to explain to us the two major additions for the 2011 F1 season: KERS and the adjustable rear wing. These are set to help improve the amount of passing in F1 and hopefully make it a little more exciting.

From watching the video, it just seems like another continuation of the F1 trend which I despise to much. A competition of which team can afford the best s***.

Also what this video fails to mention is how the adjustable rear wing is borderline useless because drivers are only allowed to use it during certain points in the race. Drivers are limited to only using it in certain designated areas of the course. Even then, they are only allowed to use it when race control allows them too. Race control will base the usage on if a driver is consistently lapping 2 seconds faster then the car in front of them. Drivers will know this because there will be a tiny little light on the steering wheel that will light up notifying them.

Anyway, the F1 season starts this week at Melbourne. Practice begins Friday and you know the rest.

Corvette's newest ad dishes it out towards Ferrari, Porsche and BMW