Monday, January 24, 2011

Another F1 circuit bites the dust

It's official, after 2015, the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne will cease to exist. 

To me, it comes as no surprise. The mayor of Melbourne: Lord Robert Doyle has said it's just not cost effective anymore. On top of that the state of Victoria's new premier Ted Baillieu admitted that the millions of dollarts per on the year taxpayer's bill for the race will need to be reduced.

Basically, it's another case of good ol Bernie Ecclestone effing things up again.

With all that, lets tally up what we've got so far.

Spa-Francorchamps--more then likely to be done
Singapore GP--in danger
Turkish GP -- also in danger

So what does that mean? Is it really just getting too expensive for everyone? Are we going to have an F1 calender of 18 races at Yas Marina and Monaco?

Source: SpeedTV