Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dat A$$....

I'll admit, I am not really a fan of Veyrons as I think the whole idea of "spending $1.2 mill on a car that will never see a fraction of its true potential" is kinda lame. Hell, it doesn't even look very good. 

BUT from a engineering standpoint, crikey it's a hell of a machine.

More the anything though, I just love butt shots.

Paris Hilton wants to start a race team...

This just seems like a terrible idea.

The media star is setting out to start up her very own MotoGP team which will be competing in the 2011 World 125cc class. 

The team is set to be unveiled to the public this Saturday, December 18th.

Thankfully (or maybe sadly?), Hilton won't be the one driving. For this, she is recruiting the likes of Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales; Gadea has a history of actually being a succesful racer and Vinales
having shown some serious potential. Also, handling the technical aspect with Ricard Jové as technical director will be Christian Lundberg and the great Rossano Brazzi.

I must admit, I am quite shocked that people are actually agreeing to this, I guess it is a testament to how bad the economy is treating the racing community.

I will say, I have seen Formula One highlight reels with pics of the hotel heiress watching races. Gasp.

Still, doesn't this just make you want to throw up a little in your mouth?

Source: MotoGP