Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is the Porsche 917 the greatest racing car ever created?

I think I've known about the 917 before I even understood real racing. Growing up, it was always some sort of a legend of motor racing, a relic of the past that was only talked about in story form. The more I think about it though, and the more my knowledge of motorsports grows, I have to stop and ask; is the 917 the greatest racing car ever made? 

I think yes. Click the break to see why.

Trouble for the Bahrain GP

As political turmoil ensues with thousands of citizens take to the streets  of Bahrain, for anti-government protests; the current status of the 2011 Formula One calendar remains shaky.

Last night, the situation in Bahrain became critical as security forces in tanks took the downtown campsite set up by protesters and several people were killed.

The GP2 Asia event due to take place over the next three days has been cancelled at the request of the Bahrain Motorsports Federation. Thursday's practice was originally just postponed, due to ambulances being required in the city, before the whole event was called off.

With all that, it's obvious that there may be some skepticism toward the 2011 Formula One season opener set to take place in Bahrain in three weeks time. Concerns of personnel safety have the FIA concerned. The Grand Prix would be a clear target for protesters as it is the country's most prestigious international event and also the pet project of the ruling royal family. 

Although the Bahrain GP organizers are seemingly insistent that the GP will continue, F1 chief exec Bernie Ecclestone is set to make a official ruling in the next week prior to the beginning of the practice of March 3-6.