Thursday, December 9, 2010

V8 Supercar crowns James Courtney as 2010 Champion

 I'll be quite frank and say this is a serious I really know nothing about, though I wish I did. From every clip I have ever seen, I has to be one of the most exciting racing series when it comes to grudge matches and neck-to-neck racing. To be honest, it doesn't hurt that it comes from the land down under.

Anyway, on December 5th (this is a few days old) in Sydney, James Courtney won the championship title. Thats really all I know. I think someone else should write about this. I just have this cool video:


Vorsteiner builds a M3 straight from the fiery gates of hell.

If you're not familiar with the German car tuning company Vorsteiner, all you need to know is they build some bad-ass ape-shit stuff. Its quality.

Anyway, they have released their performance package for the BMW E92 M3 coupe and all I have to say is.. wow. Specs are as follows:

  • Vorsteiner GTRS3 Carbon Fiber Wide body Conversion
  • Vorsteiner Vented Carbon Fiber Race Hood
  • Vorsteiner VRS Carbon Fiber Boot Lid
  • Vorsteiner Lightweight Titanium Exhaust System
  • Vorsteiner V-309 Forged 5 Spoke Concave Centers 20x10.5J | 20x12J Wheels
  • Vorsteiner Red Piping Logo Embroidered Floor Mats
  • Michelin PS2 Sport Tires 285/25/20 325/25/20
  • Brembo GTR Big Brake Kit System Front and Rear
  • Wraptivo Silver Grey Metallic Film
  • KW V3 EDC Coil over Suspension System
  • AA E9X M3 Supercharger Plenum with Eight High-flow Velocity stacks
  • HKS GTS8550 Supercharger
  • AA Blow Off Valves & Bypass Valve
  • Dedicated Belt Drive System
  • Eight-rib Pulley System
  • Eight High-capacity Bosch Motorsport Fuel Injectors
  • AA Performance Software for the MSS60 ECU with available upgrades and off road options
  • CNC Hard Anodized Brackets and Hardware.
  • AA Front-mount Air to Air Intercooler
  • Independent Supercharger Oil Cooler
  • Cold Air Intake Box
  • AA Oil Breather System
  • High Performance AA Spec Filter
  • Colder Heat Range Spark Plugs
  • Methanol Injection System (Stage 2) with Progressive Controller

Thats hot..

Ford releases the new Mustang Boss 302S

So you like the new 302 but want something with a little more racing flavor, well let me introduce you to the brand new Mustang Boss 302S. Unveiled today at Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando, FL, the 302S is meant to fill the niche left by the FR500S as well as find its place into racing series such as SCCA's World Challenge and NASA's American Iron.

Being a turn key-track machine, power is being cranked out of the 5.0 liter V8, chucking out 444 Horsies. Also, much like the Laguna Seca version, it has a adjustable front splitter, adjustable suspension, and a 3.73:1 limited-slip diff. 

However, unlike the Laguna Seca version, it has its interior gutted, being replaced with a 6-point roll-cage, Recaro race seat (I'm assuming this means its a driver only kind of car), 6-point harness, and a removable steering wheel. 

Also it boasts a carbon-fiber deck-lid wing, a ventilated fiberglass hood, and a functional tow-hook.

All the weekend racers should't get too excited though. The 302S is going to be a limited production run of only 50 cars and price is going to start at $79K.

Source: Automobile Magazine

Eurotuner tests the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Audi R18 in the works?

According to the Le Mans Live Blog, Audi is working to unveil a new version of their Le Mans Peugeot killer on December 10th. After experiencing limited success against the French auto-making giants diesel 908 HDI FAP, it comes as no surprise that Audi wants their proper place on the top of the podium.

Of course it wouldn't come as a shock to those in the racing world. Audi has notoriously rejected the notion of a closed-cockpit Le Mans racer for years, even as the competition adopted the design to reduce driver fatigue and aerodynamic drag. But after Peugeot managed to knock Audi off of its Le Mans throne in 2009 with its closed-cockpit 908 HDi FAP, the German racing team's tune changed in a hurry.

Looking at the past, it won't come as a shock if the R18 is a closed cockpit variant. 

Le Mans Live Blog is run by Michelin, who happens to be a close knit partner with the entire Le Mans program, more particularly Audi Motorsport, so maybe this is  more then a rumor.

Sources: Le Mans Live BlogFourtitude