Monday, March 21, 2011

Mobil One presents the 12 hours of 'I effing hate the French'.

If you missed it then your stupid. It's that easy. How could you miss it. I mean, granted I didn't watch all 12 Hours but everyone can at least watch a few clips. If you didn't even know it happened then get the f*** off my page.

Just kidding. The truth is though. That I am really too lazy to write up an entire recap of the 12 hour, 300+ lap race. So if you want a recap, go to AutoBlog. If  you want to hear me rant, then stay here.

I'll start it off with the ending results:

Pos  Cl      Drivers                        Team/Car                   Time/Gap
 1.  LMP1    Lapierre/Duval/Panis           ORECA Peugeot         12h00m28.423s
 2.  LMP1    Brabham/Franchitti/Pagenaud    Highcroft HPD             + 31.868s
 3.  LMP1    Montagny/Sarrazin/Lamy         Peugeot                   + 44.502s
 4.  LMP1    Capello/Kristensen/McNish      Audi                       + 5 laps
 5.  LMP1    Bernhard/Dumas/Rockenfeller    Audi                       + 6 laps
 6.  LMP1    Dyson/Smith/Cochran            Dyson Lola-Mazda           + 8 laps
 7.  LMP1    Prost/Jani/Bleekemolen         Rebellion Lola-Toyota     + 12 laps
 8.  LMP1    Wurz/Gene/Davidson             Peugeot                   + 17 laps
 9.  LMPC    Petersen/Cameron/Guasch        Genoa ORECA               + 20 laps
10.  GT      Priaulx/Muller/Hand            BMW                       + 20 laps
11.  LMPC    Bennett/Montecalvo/Dalziel     Core ORECA                + 20 laps
12.  GT      Farfus/Auberlen/Werner         BMW                       + 20 laps
13.  GT      Beretta/Milner/Garcia          Corvette                  + 20 laps
14.  GT      Gavin/Magnussen/Westbrook      Corvette                  + 21 laps
15.  GT      Fisichella/Bruni/Kaffer        AF Corse Ferrari          + 21 laps
16.  GT      Bergmeister/Long/Lieb          Flying Lizard Porsche     + 22 laps
17.  GT      Law/Neiman/Holzer              Flying Lizard Porsche     + 26 laps
18.  LMPC    Jeannette/Gonzalez/Junco       Core ORECA                + 27 laps
19.  GTE Am  Krohn/Jonsson/Rugolo           Krohn Ferrari             + 30 laps
20.  LMP2    Tucker/Hunter-Reay/Diaz        Level 5 Lola-Honda        + 32 laps
21.  GTC     Pappas/Faulkner/Bleekemolen    Black Swan Porsche        + 33 laps
22.  GTC     Enda/Pumpelly/Li               TRG Porsche               + 33 laps
23.  GTC     Cisneros/Kauffmann/Edwards     NGT Porsche               + 36 laps
24.  GTC     Ham/Blackett/Cumming           JDX Porsche               + 37 laps
25.  GTC     Von Moltke/Ludwig/Norman       TRG Porsche               + 37 laps
26.  GT      Robertson/Robertson/Said       Robertson Doran Ford      + 38 laps
27.  LMPC    Lux/Julian/Zugel               Genoa ORECA               + 38 laps
28.  GT      Ortelli/Mackowiecki/Deletraz   Luxury Ferrari            + 40 laps
29.  GTC     LeSaffre/Davis/Faieta          Kelly Moss Porsche        + 41 laps
30.  LMP2    Mailleux/Ordonez/Ayari         Signatech ORECA-Nissan    + 42 laps
31.  LMP2    Barlesi/da Rocha/Lafargue      OAK Pescarolo-Judd        + 45 laps
32.  GTC     Potter/Stanton/Marsh           Magnus Porsche            + 50 laps
33.  LMP2    Tucker/Bouchut/Barbosa         Level 5 Lola-Honda        + 52 laps
34.  GTC     Sweedler/Keen/Wong             Alex Job Porsche          + 53 laps
35.  GT      Brown/Cosmo/Bell               Extreme Speed Ferrari    + 64 laps*
36.  GT      Melo/Vilander/Salo             Risi Ferrari             + 66 laps*
37.  GT      Murry/Lazzaro/Braun            Robertson Doran Ford     + 71 laps*
38.  GT      Jones/Moran/Wilden             RSR Jaguar               + 76 laps
39.  GTE Am  Lietz/Roda/Ried                Proton Porsche           + 80 laps

So as you can see it was the Oreca Peugeot that took the overall title and BMW with the GT's. 
Basically, my thoughts on this: What the heck? Oreca Peugeot? Not even the factory Peugeots in the new 908 but the privateer team running last years car. What happened there?

What happened to Audi? They pretty much were a non-factor. The race got off to a good start with the 
Peugeots getting 1st and 2nd on the starting grid and the Audi's in 3rd and 4th. When the green flag dropped, 
there was immediately pressure from the Germans. Both Audi's pushed hard out of the gates but within a 
couple laps, it all came undone. 

In the the GT category, Jan Magnussen got off to a fantastic start in the C6R, pulling out a 2 seconds lead
within the first several laps with a F430 behind and two M3's after that. Soon though, that lead was whittled
down and it was wheel to wheel for several laps and then finally the F430 and a M3 got the better of the

But then there was a safety car. All kinds of crazy action there with a whole second start it was nothing but 
crazy neck and neck action.

After a while, it all returned back to normal but then Mike Rockenfeller suffered two consecutive tire
punctures within a single lap. On top of that major transmission problems plagued the Germans. I found this to be quite odd coming from the team known for their reliability. 

What is really awesome is what was going on down in the 2nd place LMP2 car. This was the Signatech 
Nissan which was partially driven by a video gamer turned race car driver via the Nissan GT5 drivers 
academy. If you aren't familiar with what that is, allow me to enlighten you. The Nissan drivers academy was a online competition on Gran Turismo 5. The winner of this challenge would get a taste of professional racing, and here he was in the 12 Hours of Sebring. If you ask me, I'd say he did quite good for a gamer. We'll see 
him again at Le Mans in June

Just watch the videos.

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