Saturday, January 8, 2011

More shots of the Ferrari 612 Successor

Okay first things first, DON'T SUE ME AUTOBLOG! I DIDN'T MEAN NO HARM!!

Now that I've go that out of the way; obviously the folks over at Autoblog have managed to get some actually decent shots of the new Ferrari test mule. This thing has been talked about for almost a year now. 

The new Ferrari 612 successor is rumored to be All-wheel drive, a first for the prancing horse. Also, the design is allowing for a hybrid drivetrain sometime in the future, most likely based off the Hy-KERS concept if you ask me. It's also going to retains its 2+2 configuration as well as its front-mounted V12. Though it'll be adopting direct-injection and a lot more horses, 600+ so they say. Also a dual-clutch gearbox will be bolted on to bring the car into the new decade.

What's really got people wondering is if it's a coupe or a hatchback. Spyshots would suggest hatchback but is  it legit or just a clever guise on Ferrari's part?

more pics in the link.

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