Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the wings of Victory, Kubica injured

Fresh from a very successful Formula One testing session at Valencia; the Lotus Renault GP Formula One driver crashed his Skoda rally car into a guard rail.

Kubica has suffered serious damage to his right hand and arm as well as his right leg. The Pole was airlifted to a nearby hospital where he is being overseen by Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, the doctor of the Lotus Renault GP team. 

Kubica’s manager Daniele Morelli says it’s too soon to speculate upon the process of recovery.

“Unfortunately the impact with the guardrail caused serious harm,” Morelli told the Italian media outside the hospital. “He has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his leg and right arm, especially complications related to his right hand. We shall see later if the operation was successful. The clinical picture is not easy. We expect to make the necessary assessments tonight.”

It is currently unknown how the crash might affect Kubica's racing career. Although none of the injuries are life-threatening, a handful of unofficial reports claim that it might just be enough to end his racing career.

“The surgeons are trying to restore the functionality of his right hand. We must now think about the muscle function, but Robert has a very strong temper and will succeed.

“The important thing is that Robert recoveries, as it has already proven to do with the incident in Canada. On that occasion it took him three months to get back on track.”

This won't be Kubica's first rodeo however. In 2007 in Montreal, he managed to recover in several months from a terrible crash when his BMW Sauber F1 car went careening off the track.

It goes without saying that Formula One drivers have a very hazardous line of work and that teams are always taking a huge risk when they let their drivers compete in other forms of motorsport; crashes happen all the time and who knows what can happen. Still that has never prevented Renault from permitting Kubica to participate in Rally on the side. Unlike his counterpart Kimi Raikkonen, Kubica has proven to actually be a competent rally driver.

I do wish Robert a speedy recovery. I've always been at least a little bit of a fan of him. It will be great to see him back to full health soon.

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