Friday, February 4, 2011

McLaren reveals "very different looking" MP4-26

When Lewis Hamilton was asked this week at Valencia earlier what he thought of all the freshly unveiled cars he said "Our car looks very different from all of these". He was right, very right.  

With a great crowd of McLaren fans, Mercedes-McLaren-Vodafone unveiled their new MP4-26 in Berlin on Friday morning in a rather unorthodox fashion as mechanics assembled the car in front of the crowd.

Check after the break for some better images.

One of the most obvious thing's about this car is the "L" shaped sidepod inlets. This has been obviously done to provide for clean, un-adulterated  over the rear wing and diffuser in lieu of the blown diffuser. 

Another thing to notice is a rather complex looking front wing. Sporting 4+ separate elements; a lot more has to be learned about this front wing.

When this MP4-26 is compared with last years car, it's clear that McLaren is sporting the exact same wing as last years MP4-25 car. Perhaps this suggest that the rear of the car will be a very different element as the season develops. To add to this, the rear diffuser appears to be very under-developed but the engineers have provided for plenty of room for development.

As with all of the new F1 unveilings there is plenty of technical details which I won't go into detail in. If you are interested in knowing more, you can either email me or check Scarbs F1 blog, or

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