Monday, January 10, 2011

Soldier Boy vs Bow Wow worst drag race ever

As can be seen below, Soldier Boy is a terrible driver. Im pretty sure you aren’t supposed to lift repeatedly in a drag race. Also, drag racing Lamborghini’s in a residential area, probably not the best idea either. 10 Bucks says Bow Wow or Soldier Boy will crash one of their cars in the next 12 months. This is a great reminder that just cause you can buy it, doesn’t mean you can drive it.

EDIT: So, I just discovered that he has indeed crashed his Lambo. Good job dude. Way to go.


Anonymous said...

are they driving the same car?

Chris said...

yeah right hand drive with blue seats im pretty sure its the same. I mean given all the skill and judgment of an 18 year old with no motor sports experience what so ever, what did you expect to happen. Italian super cars are like Italian super models, expensive, fast, and more than you can handle at 18.

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