Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Red Bull Formula One might be in it deep for possible overspending.

So apparently there is some kind drama happening in Formula One, a rare occurrence as we all know.. not. FOTA is suspicious of Christian Horner and his fellows of exceeding the agreed 2010 spending cap. 

The so called "Resource restriction agreement".  was a mutually agreed upon spending ceiling of 100 Million Euro on external contracts, salaries and infrastructure for the 2010 season. Italy's Gazzetta Dello Sport is claiming Red Bull spent some 160 Million Euro in their pursuit of the 2010 double championship. 

With all that, you're probably wondering the punishment for overspending, one could only assume it would be a $30 bazillion fine. Nah, for once FOTA actually thought about this and the punishment , any overspending from one season needs to be subtracted from the following season's agreed upon budget, Red Bull would need to limit itself to 40 Million in 2011.... you know that's not happening.

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