Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where have all the real drivers gone

America’s driving heroes. What happened to the days of Al Unser and Mario Andretti? How have they been replaced with the likes of Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon. None of the latter can actually drive a car. Jimmy Johnson can be seen here crashing a Corvette C6r in a straight line, because he hit a bump. As for Andretti, well, I can tell you no crashes came from this bump. The fact that NASCAR is so popular just goes to show that not enough people here understand what real driving is all about.


Jupiter Family said...

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Chris said... , thats really the best phish you could come up with? I should write an article about where have all the real hackers gone. Phising is for chumps.

Ryan said...

I think its funny that the first thread you post gets spammed while none of the others even get comments.

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